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What’s inside

Challenger Let the games begin!

Toughest Challenger is a place where you and your friends can cheer on and inspire each other to do great things at your next race. Create your own private leagues or join an existing one. Challenge your friends and rivals and see if you have what it takes to be number one!

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Get Ready Prepare yourself

With the help of our online training portal, you’ll be well prepared for your next race. Watch obstacle technique videos, get valuable tips and create a personal training program to complete for yourself or with your team mates.

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Loyalty Run more, Earn more

Toughest Loyalty is the place where we take care of our loyal customers. The concept of our Loyalty program is simple: Run a race, collect badges and receive your rewards. Create an account to start earning!

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Manage your registrations

With Toughest Apps, everything gets a little bit easier. View and manage your current and historic registrations. Transfer your tickets or change team names with ease. More features to come!

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